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Maintenance of Worksites for Marina South Drainage

Cleantech Site Clearance and Earthworks

Nexus Int' Sch Swim Scoreboard

 Instrumentation & Monitoring of Residual Soil Slopes

HDB Northshore Monitoring

Minor Drainage Repair Works

Install TDR and Suction Probe at Boon Lay Park.

Australian Int' School's Road Widening Works

Hole boring, install and Suction Probe at NTU.

Construct frame for UWC Dover's swimming Scoreboard 

 NPARKS - Designing of Floating Wetlands in Pulau Ubin  

Development of  Network Platform for Soil Properties

Stamford American Int' School - Renovation Pool Deck

Load Test on Filled Geotextile Bags

Propagation of Mangroves Species - Punggol Waterway

Race Project - Construction of Race Room

Earthworks and drainage at Lor Halus

 Geobarrier System at Cheng Soon Garden

 Self Closing Flood Barrier (SCFB) at Fortune Park Condo

Sembwaste EV Project

OFS Swimming Pool's Scoreboard

1.2km Silt Curtain Debris Barrier - Solar farm at Straits of Johor

Drainage Rectification Works at Nadia Mansions

JTC - Deep Excavation Works at Bartley Rd East

Slope stabilization at NUS

Drainage upgrade at Chatsworth Park unit 6

Drainage Repair at Balmoral Park

Flood Mitigation at Tan Kah Kee

Coastal Protection System at Pasir Ris

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